List: Yoga kit suppliers

F27983C0-B226-4F4A-A69F-3403181997E2I get asked quite a lot where I get my clothes for yoga and if I can recommend places to get clothes and also bolsters, mats etc.

First off, you don’t need any special kit to practice yoga but I get that it is useful to have a sticky mat to stop slipping and comfy stretchy clothes are useful too. My recommendations (this list is as of May 2019) are all somewhat ethical.

Bear in mind that even organic bamboo and organic cotton use lots of water in their processing (esp cotton) and the best policy is to buy fewer items and second hand where possible. That said, here’s the list of where I get my kit:

  • Charity Shops
  • Friends clothes swaps (lots of fun!)
  • Ebay second hand (good for more expensive brands)
  • Asquith – bamboo and organic cotton clothing (although not all organic)
  • Thought – ethical clothing, especially great socks
  • BAM – bamboo clothing
  • Patagonia – I haven’t actually bought any yoga kit from them yet but I have a great backpack and am also reading the book ‘Let my People Go Surfing; by the founder Yvon Chouinard
  • My Paper Tote – I use the silver tote bag in the pic above which is totally made out of paper (I know – cool) to carry kit to private yoga classes and workshops.
  • Yoga Studio is run by a really nice couple and if you hunt around sell organic and ethical bolsters, mats and eye pillows (like the one in the picture)
  • Yoga Matters – for clothing and kit – a merger of YogaMatters and the shop website of the British Wheel of Yoga (who I did my training with years ago)