Something from almost nothing

I love a bargain. Charity shops, car boot sales, clothes swaps, seed swaps, sales. Why would you ever buy something full price?!

I had a hankering after a new pair of leg warmers. Can’t beat warm ankles on a cold winter’s day. But I can’t quite bring myself to knit a pair. I know I could but I just don’t have faith that they won’t be a little bit wrong – too baggy, too tight, too bright.

So I bought a very soft jumper from a car boot sale and chopped it up. Just a pair of scissors. No glue. No sewing. Super quick results this one.

And extra specially cool, I got an infinity scarf in the bargain which was just essentially the body of the jumper. I’d add a pic of that too if I could figure out how to add another image to this post. I’m sure it’s easy but spending too long on this post is not feeding my peaceful wolf, so I’ll end it there.

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